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Lombok Biking Tour dot com provide any Information for Adventures Biking Tour around Lombok Island such easy bike, mountain bike, combination bike and Long Route bike. Biking is one of the activities that you can do if you have more time in Lombok Island.


A visit to Lombok is still an opportunity to explore a natural paradise, biking tour with many optional route, as single trek route around the foot of Rinjani National Park and encounter a traditional, rural way of life exposing a fascinating integration of Muslim and Hindu cultures.


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Lombok, Bali's beautiful next door neighbor, rarely receives the attention it deserves. Although there are only thirty five kilometers of sea between these two islands, the physical and cultural distinctions are considerable. Towering mountains, mighty waterfalls, pristine white sand-beaches, magnificent coral reefs, pearl encrusted shores, a unique Sasak culture and tranquility are among Lombok's many charms.


In general, Lombok entices the more adventurous travelers who have, perhaps, already explored Bali and are hungry to journey further a field. The Islands is also a haven for those who are in search of peace and quite.


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Mountain Rinjani Lombok is one of second highest volcano in Indonesia. Gunung Rinjani National Park is located on the Island of Lombok, Indonesia in the North Lombok Regency, its was so famous with the beautiful caldera and hot spring water, beside doing trekking to the volcano you also may do biking around the foot of Rinjani Mountain passing some villages and ride down a long the rice field, will show you unforgettable memories during your Holiday in Lombok Island.


Lombok is one of the Island, that provide all the activities for those people who are interest to make Adventure. We are the Organizer for those all program that you need in Lombok Island during your Holiday. Join with our program and lets our guide to bring you in your new experience to see beautiful scenery and native live of Lombok peoples.


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We will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to our starting point of each program that you want do today. For Biking Tour duration it's around 2 - 3 hours a day for short biking tour and you may to do all day bike for those who are very usual in riding bike. Beside that we also can handling and manage your program for long route bike.


Pusuk Pass and Batu Puje Mountain are two hills that very famous for doing Mountain Biking Tour, in this trek route will take you about 4 - 5 hours a day bike, through the forest and see the local people living by their daily activities.

This trip is an unforgettable and a once in a life time experience....

Book today your Biking Tour and get your experience with the " Real " Lombok Biking Tour Organizer


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